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Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen 4.5 stars. I was so pleasantly surprised when I closed the back cover and the first thought(s) to rush to my head were of Now that's a book.

Scarlet is badass, smart-mouthed, and so freakin' amazing it could be anything you'd want of a protagonist. I found the obliviousness of her own beauty and how her action would affect John or Robin endearing, instead of aggravating or annoying. She was also a bit fiery-headed and didn't move from her words or opinions, which was sometimes annoying--but if you always love the main character, then that's saying as if she/he has no mistakes, right? Every character is fallible, some more so than others, obviously, but I can handle a little bit of horribleness.

So, anyway.

Robin Hood = dreamy guy where you can sleep on a tree and hope he lives there staring at you

Which, sadly, he doesn't. Because he has Scarlet. And John. And some other kid that's not you. :(

Lovely book! I loved the mystery, the spy elements, the action scenes, and ultimately, the romance.