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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins 3.5 stars. Definitely not as good as Hex Hall or Demonglass. I'm really disappointed in some of the ways of how Hawkins ended the book ... But otherwise, it was, as always, amazing.

After that horrible, treacherous cliffhanger in Demonglass, I just had to get my hands on Spell Bound. There was no option. Lucky for me, a month ago, I found the book in my library shelves! (Imagine my excitement.) I was practically combusting in happiness.

But of course I didn't do that in the library. I'm already stared enough as it is.

Anyway! In Spell Bound, Sophie Mercer finds a lot more out of her heritage. She's still the sassy, snappy Sophie, still powerless for half of the book, but even without her powers, she's still pretty badass. (Yay!) What can I say? As a wrap-up of an amazing trilogy, it was awesome.

Except for one thing.

Which I'm sure you all know about it.

And is pretty tragic.

And I hate it.


Like, look at how much Bolin hates it. And Bolin is always happy.

Cal's death.

And it wasn't just because of that! I hated the time skip--definitely not enough time to mourn over .. um, you know. That. Sophie just brushed it away as if it was nothing and was with her friends again. Granted, his spirit will always live on Hex Hall's grounds but you know. NOT THE SAME!

I was just really disappointed in that. And there were other things, small things, that I can't remember. But I'm glad this series is over--a nice, fun, spazzy ride!

Conclusion: Very fun. Disappointing in some aspects, especially that huge spoiler thing but whatever. Nice way to conclude the ending.

Recommended: Let's see ... If you've enjoyed the previous two books as much as I have, then you'll like this one too. Except you might be, uh, disappointed by that huge spoiler. And devastated. Like I was. D: