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Frostbite - Richelle Mead 4 stars. Not exactly as good as Vampire Academy, and it's partly Rose's fault (I'll explain later), but it was still a kickass sequel!

So this was the book that introduced the famously infamous Adrian Ivashkov -- and to tell you the truth, I was darn excited to meet this hot, sexy, person-I'll-forgive-that-you're-smoking-because-you're-so-hot man.

And in my imagination, he must be the most yummiest creation I've ever made just yet.

But along with the second love interest there were also these problems with Rose's character -- her jealousy, for once, which annoyed the crappolas out of me. I later realized that this is Rose's way of "growing up," so I ended up forgiving her ... But to say, this was probably my second to least favorite book in the series character-personality-wise.

(And sadly, I don't remember much so I won't be able to finish this review. DAMN.)

But as usual, Mead's VA series never disappoints, so give this book a try nonetheless!