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Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton This has got to be the worst book I've ever read. Okay, so maybe not that bad, but still bad enough for me to call it ridiculous.

Honestly, I love demon/angel stories. And the story was definitely different -- Ellie doesn't know it, but she as been a warrior fighting against creatures from the Grim since almost the beginning of time. When nightmares occur, and she faces her first Grim creature, a mysterious stranger named Will awakens her and she finds that her purpose is to defeat these creatures, with Will by her side.

All right. So.

Like I said, this book was ridiculous. I would've given it a three star, if it were not for the protagonist in this book -- whiny and a wimp. In almost every one of her battle scenes, she runs screaming and crying around, even with her training. When Will gets hurt, she forgets everything around her and how the human race could be sent to hell if she doesn't kill them and just runs to him and says, "Will, Will are you all right?!"

I know that they are the lead romance couple, but really? Quickly kill the monster first and then run to ask him if he's all right.

Which leads to another thing.

Will isn't supposed to fall in love with Ellie. But, he does anyway. And then this angel comes along to warn him again that he can't love her, only guard her, and he pulls back from Ellie. Ellie hates it. She keeps pressuring him to love her again -- "Oooh, don't mind him, the angel!" -- as if it costs him nothing. I thought she was being so goddamn selfish here, I nearly threw the book against the wall.

Same thing, I swear, over and over. "Her blades lit on fire and she slashed the demon across the chest." I mean, hello? where the hell is the action? The blood? The gore? The action?

The only reason I'm giving this book a two star is because the romance scenes were cute. I'm not reading the next book in this series, not with such a wimpy and weak protagonist.