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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card 2.5 stars. I'm actually not sure if I should leave this on my read shelf, or move it to the dnf one. Because, technically, I did finish it.

I finished it enough to give it a rating.

I ended up not wanting to read the last two chapters — don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me — and I normally never do that — but I did read the ending summaries on SparkNotes and skimmed a few pages afterwards. I found a particularly huge scene in chapter fourteen anticlimactic, and I'm not sure if I should classify the ending that ended with a bang. Because it didn't. Not really. But I had shivers down my spine, nonetheless.

The 2.5 star rating isn't necessarily because the book was bad or anything — no, no, do not fret Ender lovers. I just found the whole book a total snooze fest. But, truth be told, judging from the influx of ratings and reviews, this book may just be either your type or not.

In my case, it was not.

I am, however, excited for the movie!