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Glass Houses - Rachel Caine 3.5 stars. Wow. Someone needs to pat me on the back.

A review.



Anyway, enough about me, what about this book? This book of vampires and gore and creepy little towns run by these bloodsuckers? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this small town is actually known as Morganville, located in, yep, you guessed it, Texas.

(Like, I would totally visit Morganville just for the hell of it.)

In a nutshell, Claire is actually a super smart, super A student that goes to college in this small town -- no joke, she's sixteen-years-old and in her first year of college. (Yay, smart heroine!) However, as she continues to get bullied by a group of girls, she later seeks respite in a big old mansion actually named the Glass House, where she meets guitarist Michael, gothic Eve, and funny (but overprotective) Shane.

Actually, to be honest, if you asked me about this book, I would tell you it was mediocre. I hadn't really even wanted to start it at first, and by the time I got in the middle it was in the middle-interest area, and remained that way throughout the rest of the book. It's just one of those series, it looks like, that you would pass time with.

All in all, a great time-spender.