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Perfect You - Elizabeth Scott, Lisa Fyfe I finished this book a day ago since all my dystopian/fantasy books weren't arriving and all I had were my contemporary to-read novels, I decided that I should get all my contemporaries off my list. Perfect You was one of them.

I read Elizabeth Smith's other works, such as Someting, Maybe and I have been meaning to read The Unwritten Rule.

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed in this novel. The synopsis definitely had a great potential, and the relationship that was described between Kate -- such a bland name; I've seen that name so many times in novels (especially contemporary) -- and Will looked well worth reading about.

And though I think I enjoyed the novel, the characters didn't feel real. There was no ... feelings that I could connect the characters to; they were there, but they looked detached. They felt, they screamed, they did everything they were supposed to do ... but ... the characterization was definitely off. For all of them -- Kate, Will, Kate's father, mother, grandma, Todd, etc.

Another thing -- Kate's father quit his job because his desk broke in half, leaving nearly everything gone except for one thing: Perfect You vitamins. And since her father looked a this as a sign, he started selling vitamins than his job.

Okay. My first impression: wtf?

I'm sure Elizabeth Smith could've ended up with better ways to why Steve was so obsessed with something other than his job. But, vitamins? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And especially because Steve was so goddang selfish and so childish; he never followed anyone's instructions and pleas, especially about money. If there was no money in the bank account, he would still go buy those damn vitamins! And if something was wrong, he pretended not to notice! Hell, he even picked vitamins over his family! Who says it's his dream to sell vitamins? I swear, that is the most stupidest idea I've probably ever heard.

The story was a real bummer. I can't believe I wasted something hours on this.