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Awaken - Katie Kacvinsky If I saw a book like this in my school library, I probably wouldn't have picked it up or read it. (I have this horrible habit of judging books by their covers ....)

So, anyway, it was a nice day and I had no new books to read. My sister is the type that picks up those ... kiddish books. Like, she doesn't read anything that's out of her league, such as YA books.

I don't think I would've read it, but then I read the summary, and being this technology nerd I am, I wanted to read it. 'Cause I just LOVE futuristic/dystopian society books. And it was kinda like that.

Madelene lives in the future where everything is digital. Hell, her father's the creator of Digital School, a school where everything is done online. All people do all day is sit behind their computers. No one goes out anymore, meets with friends, has dinner in a restaurant, etc.

But, then she meets Justin, who she finds out is someone who believes communication between face-to-face is best. And then, soon, he starts to influence her and takes action.

I liked it. My humanities class's unit is on Protest, and it fit in well with that theme. :D The romance is so slooooow, though. :/ That's my only complaint. They were hints, but they were only subtle. I think she should've broadened her 'where-she-was-going-to-add-romance.'