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Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood 3.5/5

first impressions
- pretty cover. i wonder what it means in relevance to the story.
- witches ....
- in the victorian era! /gasp
- what the heck are the "cahill witch chronicles"

impressions answered
- cover has pretty much no relevance to the story. pretty, yes, eyecatching, yes, but nothing so spectacular.
- YES, in the victorian era. cool twist.
- cahill is cate's last name. she's a witch. the "cahill witch chronicles" are about the three sister witches: cate, maura, & tess and will hopefully (?) continue to show their story in the next novels.

let me start off by saying this: the book starts off very slow. it doesn't necessarily introduce the characters; I thought that they were created well enough to keep the story going. the slow process wasn't even necessarily for "characterization" or for adding depth the storyline; nothing simply happened. mind you this is for the first 100 pages or so; and those are a lot of pages in which a reader can decide to drop the book/call it dnf. i was very tempted to, but i've been trying to keep my dnf books to a minimum.

needless to say, the story did get better. it might've happened in the last 150 pages, but i loved the suspense the drama those pages encompassed. there were a lot of twists and turns, some i didn't expect at all. for a book that started off very agonizing at first, it picked up its speed towards the end.

it's very nice how the story folded itself in: the sisterhood, the brothers, the prophecy, the mind-magic -- a charming way.

but it definitely gets better. i was even tempted to give this book a 4 star.

dislikes: i gave it 3.5 stars mainly because of the slow start and how much the author stalled when this book could've easily been very dramatic and suspenseful to please the reader. also, there was a slight love triangle. it fitted into the story, but i didn't like in this novel. i thought it only complicated things further.