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Something, Maybe - Elizabeth Scott, Lisa Fyfe I've spent the past few days reading this ebook because I had no other books to read. And plus, I felt like in the mood for a contemporary.

Because I'm in a hurry, I'll just sum of some things:

- Hannah is sassy. I like.
- Josh was totally unpredictable. I like!
- Finn is totally sexy. Not hunky, dark, handsome hunky but ... cocky, blushy, funny sexy.
- LOVED the ending. Totally a great way to end the book!
- Hannah x Finn? How they hooked up? Weird. Not developed enough?

Three stars because ... well, though there were things that were fine, I couldn't just force myself to think, "OMG THIS BOOK IS THE DA BOMG!" It was a cute, funny story -- something to read when you're bored and you need something to do. :P