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Shadowspell - Jenna Black When I first started off this book, and when the events took place, I could have sworn that I had already read this book; actually, I at first was assuming that Weren't these events in the first book? Did the author forget? but of course, how could the author not remember her own books? And then as the story progressed, I remembered it -- I had already read the book. Well, then, I've already read it two times, now, eh?


Not to spoil anything, but I remember being a total Dana x Ethan hardcore fan the first time I read this book -- and now, I'm stinking in my cry-hole because I love Dana x Keane sooo much more. And from what I've heard, Keane ends up with Kimber. ;_; Booooo.

Anywaaaaay ~

I really like this book -- but then, I've always loved this series. I love Dana's character, and since I myself deal with a drunken parent, I know what she seems to be going through, though at times I find her overreacting; but perhaps because I'm so used to my father being the way he is, I can't even envision him sober.

Well, I'm getting off subject. This wasn't the best though I gave it five stars; I actually did it because of how much confidence I have that Jenna Black will repair this problem I found in Dana near towards the end -- and that was her clinginess. I kindasortamaybe understand why she was so clingy because of what happened to Ethan with the Erkling, but it was a different type of .... clinging. Like a lovey-dovey kind.

And because i'm lazy, that concludes my suckish review. i have a school assignment to get to.