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The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross Holy shibbolies. o.o This book was amazing! :O

I think this is probably my second steampunk novel that I've read -- and I'm finding that I very much enjoy this sub-genre -- my first being the Infernal Devices.

Lordie, I've always wanted a book with a heroine that can fend for herself and not want to rely on others/be a damsel-in-distress. Finley Jayne was physically strong, and perhaps she started out a bit mentally weak at first, but she developed her personality and therefore created herself to be both physically and mentally savvy. I loved that.

About the plotline:

At first, before Finley and Griffin and everyone came into the puzzle piece together, Kady Cross mentioned about Griffin's team (consisting of Sam, Emily, and the occasional Jasper) finding this mechanical human mastermind nicknamed The Machinist. The idea was given in the beginning of the story, but then it was not mentioned at all for at least 150-200 pages; during those pages, Sam had his tyrannic troubles, Griffin and Jack and Finley revolved in love triangle, and ... well, it focused mainly on Finley trying to battle her two sides, much like from the short novella of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
It then mentioned towards the near end of the book where everything started piecing together -- why Griffin had been orphaned, Finley's true identity and control, The Machinist, Sam's self-loathing, etc.

Also, there was an almost hurriedly-rushed climax scene near the end, which, I thought, was not necessary. They had just gotten back from a battle, but only about two days later had to go to battle again. I thought that since it was The Steampunk Chronicles, Kady Cross should've put this "climax" scene at the end of her second book. And then come up with another idea for her third book. If she had one.

Right. So.

Love triangles.

There were two love triangles going on at around the same time -- though there wasn't much romance; it moved at a slower pace, and I liked it. It was like Kady Cross was taking time to develop the feelings for each character towards each other. So, nothing much happened romantically, especially between the heroine/hero, but it was very entertaining!
Love triangle one: Griffin: sweet, helping; Finely, the heroine; and Jack, enigmatic, dark, mysterious. The outcome of this is not given in the first book at all, though there are some conflicting emotions. One of the these rivals by the end of the book are nearly completely wiped out from Finley's "falling-for" list.
Love triangle two: Sam: buff, self-loathed, angry; Emily, the one loved; and Jasper, flirtatious, and cocky. Honestly, Emily is amazing. She's tied with Finley as my favorite character in this book! And, well, let's just say I wasn't happy with who she ended up with .... D:


1. Emily.
Smart, intelligent, erudite. Yes, I'm aware that those are all adjectives, but goddang isn't she smart! She's so savvy with machines, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty! (Not that there are any "ladies" in this book ... but still :D) I adored her throughout this book, and I still feel she could've had some more Emily/Jasper/Sam thing going on.

2. Sam.
Oh, my. Usually I love guys that are self-loathing, but Sam was just plain mean for the first half -- well, more than half -- of the book. He cared for Emily, for Griffin, perhaps even for Jasper, but his way of showing it with tantrums and anger was not likable. I thought he was acting a bit immature, but towards the end of the book I found him to be cool. (: So, maybe he was an arse for the main part of the book, but he really brought himself up by the end.

3. Jack.
The only thing I can say about him is that I loved him. A little more than Griffin, hehe. But, I'm that stereotypical that falls for enigmatic boys, lol! At parts I was torn between the two -- Griffin or Jack? Jack or Griffin? And I'm still kinda fuzzy. But, I guess if she ends up with either I'll be happy, though it's obvious who it's going to be!

Okay, well. This book was good! I don't know what there was that I didn't like about it .... Actually, I think there was one thing, but it's escaped my mind at the moment! ^^"