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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick This was a great, cute summer read.

Samantha Reed's been always looking at the family that lives next door -- the Garretts. A total family of nine people, everyone in town, including her mother, looks down on them. But for Samantha, they're freedom. They're like an open field, full of fresh air.

And then, finally, she meets Jase Garrett.

And her summer romance begins.

Let me say this again: this was so cute. Not exactly a fluff read, but not exactly a contemporary either. Sort of in between.

What I really liked about this novel is that even though the Reeds and Garretts have been living as neighbors for ten years, the families don't have much encounter with each other other than the usual, welcome-to-the-neighborhood type of greetings. But, like the I said, Samantha has always looked longingly at the Garretts, going on her roof and looking onto their yard. She's never actually been particularly interested in any of the boys (they have I think like 4 or 6) so that was a big plus for me. Fitzpatrick developed the romance between Jase and Sam, and it was really nice: slow and not too rushed. No one declared love to each other after three days. I mean, yes, Samantha probably developed the crush early on, just after two conversations maybe, but I've known girls who just look at a guy and start liking them, regardless of their actions.

The climax near the end just really gave me an omfg moment. Seriously. I never thought a contemporary could do that to me (because I'm pretty used to them, no offense) but this one managed to. And yeah, it did get a little cliche with Sam breaking up with Jase and all but I like my teenagers/protagonists to feel angst. Haha, so even though it was cheesy, I enjoyed it.

Anyways! Great for summer! It makes me want to go swimming and I rarely swim anymore.