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Revived - Cat Patrick In a way, when I finished this book, I was both surprised and disappointed. Disappointed because I was expecting it more on the dystopian genre and to be actiony. Surprised because Cat Patrick made a sci-fi contemporary.

Now I don't know about you, but when I think of contemporary I almost never associate the word "sci-fi" with it. It's just never crossed my mind. I've read mystery contemporaries, romantic ones, other ones, stupid ones, realistic ones, etc but never sci-fi. And for it to be for a YA audience came as a surprise.

REVIVED follows the story of a young girl named Daisy [insert last name here] who's had the opportunity to face death many times--and cheat her way out of it. She's a human lab rat, and with the governments approval can keep getting "Revived," just as long as she doesn't tell anyone. But when she meets Matt and his sister, she discovers secrets that may bring the truth out of the shadows.

My reaction after closing the back cover: Eh.

Yes, it was pretty good. Yes, the idea was definitely original. But it just lacked in a few places for me: the romance, mainly. I liked the protagonist and Matt, but after his sister's death I kind of ended up hating how he started to act. He got better admittedly, haha. I guess I can't blame him either way, knowing what happened to him--but it was just that around that time, Daisy didn't do anything either. The climax was sort of ... odd. It didn't feel climatic or had the "wow" feeling you get when you're done reading it. The betrayer was a surprise, but I couldn't feel myself to care much about it. I didn't expect it, that's for sure.

Conclusion: Sci-fi contemporary. Lacking in the romance. Original idea. Disappointed.

Recommended: If you're more on the contemporary side of reading YA and want to go into the sci-fi/fantasy realm, this may be a good introduction.