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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire First, I'd just like to share the ad of this book I saw on Goodreads:

Beautiful Disaster.




My thoughts: Oh dear. Really. This book is not "thrilling," nor "sexy," and definitely not at all "dangerous." The problem is not dark. The themes in this novel makes me want to choke myself. It certainly is a contemporary--and I can see in some ways how people might enjoy it--but for me, all I wanted to do was choke both Travis and Abby and bang their stupid, blotted, thick heads against the wall.

The not so good points: The fighting. Oh, hell, the bickering. Usually I love the love/hate relationships--the playful banter between to-be couples charged with sexual tension.

This? No.

First of all, I'd like to point out that every ten pages or so, Travis and Abby fight. Over what? Don't even ask. Maybe Travis'll fight over why Abby accepted a drink from a guy (and he's not even dating her.) Maybe Abby will ask why Travis kissed her neck and act like a total female dog (I'm trying to lay low on cursing) about it. I don't know. But it's over such stupid reasons. Normally I like jealously between couples--I know, it's bad--but only a tad bit. Not much, because a lot of jealously makes everything so ... ugly. Right?

But noooo.

McGuire acts like there's a lot of "sexual tension" (notice the quotes) going on with her characters when there's none at all. Abby isn't with Travis because of one reason and one stupid reason alone: Rumors.

I would understand if Abby never fit in, or had self-preservation issues, but this is not the case. The case with Abby vs. the rumors are very light--saying so means that this book doesn't hide any "dark" themes within the novel. It's a light novel. A fluff read (almost?). So that's why Abby's abhorrence to her rumors seemed, to me, very unbelievable and, honestly stupid.

Good points: But here's what I'll give credit for: When the main couple wasn't bickering, when Travis wasn't such a playboying control freak, when Abby wasn't so irritating and saying stuff like "Sex puts our relationship to a closure," (wtf?? ISN'T SEX THE OPENING TO A RELATIONSHIP, IF YOU HAVE IT? [See below for more ranting about this]) then the book was pretty enjoyable. I don't deny it; at times, it was pretty cute and funny. But, as I said above, Travis and Abby bickered after nearly every 10 pages or so, so the enjoyment was short-lived.

Conclusion: Annoying characters. Pretty enjoyable, but enjoyment is short-lived. Annoying plot; conflict incredible. Disappointment. Definitely not worth the hype.

Rant: I don't have the book with me, so I can't quote Abby's word exactly, but be warned here: This will be spoilery.

When Abby and Travis finally have sex--she'd been sleeping in a playboy's bed for weeks; how have they not done anything? Do you believe how un-credible this sounds?--it's when Abby's aware of Travis's feelings. She doesn't feel exactly the same at this point--or aren't aware of them yet--but when she accepts, it's basically like she's accepting his feelings--when she obviously doesn't feel the same or doesn't know. I think it was even as rebound sex (I read it back in March.) But I know I was totally and completely pissed at Abby. And the next morning, she left, causing Travis to break every single damn thing in his room.

Oh noes, huh?

Just. GAH.