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The Season - Sarah MacLean Recommended to me by a friend. :D

3 stars. So it wasn't quite what I imagined it to be ... Especially with the 'Boys and Murder' on the back cover. And add to that, my librarian and a couple other friends lived it up to be quite the book, so it was a little disappointing.

I mean, here's the thing: It tells you that it's a murder mystery. And it is. But only for the last 50-or-so pages of the book! The rest is actually about Alex's first Season, her chance for catching a husband, the delicate sewing of dresses, and some not-so-steamy-but-steamy sexual tension with her and Blackmoore.

And that's pretty enjoyable.

Though [b:Edenbrooke|12820360|Edenbrooke|Julianne Donaldson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1322934060s/12820360.jpg|17969941] is still my #1 regency romance novel. No book can top Donaldson's.

So, it is what you would call fluff--though not much romance is actually written about ... and even if there is, our beautiful Lord Blackmoore always, always ends up ruining the moment with his stupid anger issues or his denial for his feelings. GODDAMMIT.

Here's how a typical scene goes: Kiss/romancy conversation between Alex and Gavin (Blackmoore's first name); Gavin pushes away, denies his feeling/makes Alex feel like a idiot; Alex runs away; they ignore each other; they somehow end up reconciling.


It was really tiring.

And I guess the mystery was okay ... With really not much of a background story of it, it was the type that little girls could keep up with it. Easy. Predictable. But strangely still enjoyable.

Conclusion: Not much of a mystery. Predictable. Romance was ... annoying at times, but I loved the couple.

Recommended: Sure. If you want to start out easy on the historical fiction genre, then this is your book! Lots of my friends enjoyed this one, so I don't know.