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Thank goodness. There are 368 pages in this book. JP hasn't gone back to his notable 400 pages since his third MR book, but this is damn close. Good, good. I hope this book kicks ass. After book three, the series was just really going downhill.


2 stars. Okay, so you do realize that on the summary it says "An explosive ending no one could've seen coming"? So here's what I'll admit--it was certainly unexpected. Actually, it was really out of the blue and really rushed, just like all the endings after Patterson's third book in this series. But explosive? No. Shocking? No. Did it leave me with a terrible, bittersweet heartache like I always seemed to get after finishing fantastic series such as Harry Potter or Vampire Academy? Um, not really.

And after everything I didn't like about this--believe me, there was a lot--the thing, I guess, that makes me sad is that I don't feel what I used to with MR books. Like, hey, where's the adventure? The action? That kickass heroine I used to adore?

All those elements = GONE. It's all about Max and Fang and Dylan and their stupid, idiotic love triangle. At first, Patterson didn't really focus on the Faxness, and I kept hoping for some kiss action, but now? I'd go back to how it used to be any day. Anyway, I had lots of problems with this book .... And a lot of the things below are spoilers so caution ahead.

[spoilers removed]

Conclusion: Annoying. Hated lots of things about the book.

Recommended: Sure, knock yourself out. If you want to complete this series, give it a go cuz I sure didn't enjoy it.

edit: Okay, so somehow, my iPhone didn't include all the trouble I went to nit-picking this book. -___- I'll update this later.