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Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier 3.5 stars. Recommended to me by a book-loving friend. 8D Much better than I expected it to be.

So here's the ho-down: It was recommended to me by a friend named Sofia (who also recommended to me The Season). I was a little skeptic — because, I mean, time travel? Really? — and despite the cover being gorgeous, I was just ... Eh. You know. Not interested. But I swear, my librarian and my friend are just gangs of give-Afza-books-to-read-onto-her-already-tall-tower-of-books people, and so they recommended me this.

And stuffed the book into my hands.

And made me read.

And with no other option — I mean, hello, there's a book in my hand! — I read.

So here's something I'd like to point out: This book starts out slowwww.

Like, so slow I wanted to gag or poop or just throw the effing book at the wall.



But if you can handle 200 pages of boringness before going into the okayish-finally-story-line, then you'll be fine.


Yeah. That's what I thought too.

But hey, if I got through it, so can you! :D The book itself isn't really half bad, just a tad bit on the slow side with nothing much to make up for in the second half.

Is it something interesting and different? Yes, definitely -- a good time travel book. But was it executed well? No, not that well. Definitely got me interested, but not so much I adored it. Hence the 3 star rating.