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Fins Are Forever - Tera Lynn Childs 3 stars. As a contemporary read with tail fins, scales, and mythical mermaid castles and as a sequel, this book was pretty good. Like omfg I need the next book good? No. But hey, in the first place, this series never offered much; it was more of like a ... fantasy, teen ride? Just something for fun.

And I admit, I was embarrassed to be seen with this book in public.

Not in that way. But I mean, just look at the cover. Now imagine it in your hands. Okay? And imagine the page length to be ~157 pages. (Go on, get one of your thick books and measure 157 pages.)

Just by looking at it, you assume it's one of those kiddy, romantic, sloppy, cliche books--which it pretty much is, because hey, I already told you, it doesn't offer much. I laughed at Lily's mermaid-deformed use of expletives, I thought there was enough drama to satisfy my mermaid thirst, and I thought the romance was okay in development, you know?

Lily didn't particularly annoy me, but nor did I love her. She was okay, but I gained a lot of respect for her by the end of the novel with her "decision."

So can you expect much? No, not really. But if you kindasorta enjoyed the first book, then you'll kindasorta enjoy this book. Like I said, nothing I haven't read before -- ish -- but still a good book to just pass time with.