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Stay - Deb Caletti 5 stars. When I think of this book, the words that come to mind are along the lines of Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Wow. Like ohmygosh wow.

As you can see my vocabulary isn't exactly ... big. (Ha! I just further proved my point! xD)

Anyway, this was actually my second Deb Caletti book. The first one I read, The Story of Us wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I mean, I didn't enjoy it. Much. I was practically trudging through it like mud.

But Stay? Caletti has crafted beautiful characters in such a moving story.

When Clara meets Christian, they're instantly attracted to each other. But just as their relationship continues and grows, Christian's love turns into something more dangerous and wild - something that borders on obsession. Now that Clara has left Christian and her past behind, she wants to move on ... Except her past may come back to haunt her.

Um, wow.

That was pretty intense

You see, in my head, I was playing this through like a movie. I really, really, really liked this book. It's a story with deep, hidden qualities and doesn't have some of the shit I've been reading since I've been a baby. But also, Caletti makes me fall in love with her characters so hard.

You see, the story alternates from past --> present chapters, just like in Pandemonium (Delirium Trilogy, #2) by Lauren Oliver. And if you've read my review on there, you might realize that I like these chapters - and though I was more interested in the past, the whole story was pretty nice.

But anyway - I don't know why I included that paragraph up there - even though Christian was kindaofsortamaybe the "bad guy" in this case, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him ... And sometimes I felt like Clara was at fault just because how Christian manipulated my emotions. When he cried, he cried for real. When he got jealous, it was for real - he really thought that each touch Clara did with another guy, or each laugh or whatever would cause her to take her away from him. And he was deathly afraid of that.

And the saddest part? Clara loved him too.

You just - you have to read the book to understand. It just really got me in the feels.