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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross 4.5 stars — between really liked it, and amazing. While the first book really blew me away, the second one managed to just about knock my socks off. Granted it focused on the whole gang and not just Finley Jayne but I found myself immersed in the book and liking everybody's part in the story.

So here's what you can expect in this book:

Romance? ✓
Heated sexual tensions? ✓
Sassy heroines? ✓
Betrayals? ✓
Kickass fighting scenes? ✓
Brilliant things that I couldn't've thought of myself? ✓

And with all this — knowing this is steampunk, a genre that the YA community just doesn't have enough of — how can you not resist this book?

Finley Jayne strays from the group as an undercover spy for the goons that have captured the slick and smooth cowboy Jasper, while Griffin, Sam, and Emily discuss plans and ways to sabotage the ex-friend who decided to take Jasper.

This is pretty much the synopsis of the book.

But it's still action-packed, whether by mind-action or action-action. The only thing I didn't like was the romance development between Griffin and Finley — steadily moving forward, sure, but both soon-to-be-lovers were having quarrels about who was stronger than who, who could handle themselves, etc. which were really immature and grating my nerves.

But have no fear! If you can handle a bit of shitty conversations, then you'll going to have a blast with this book.