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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman 4 stars — I really liked it. Before you decide to pick this book up, I'm going to warn you:

THIS BOOK HAS FANTASTIC WORLD BUILDING. Fantastic. Briliant. Awesome. Whatever you want to say, but it's so good, so believable, I sometimes found myself as the heroine. I could vividly imagine everything around me, from the red paper lanterns to the large, archaic temples and etched Chinese (or what I assume) symbols.

The only reason I've left it at four stars is because the world is ... well, too complex? No, that's not right. It's a shit load of information! Shit load! Just thrown at you, and with all these new terms, you have to struggle to keep. I found that as long as I get the simple gist of it, I'm okay to get by.

But Eon is a strong, badass girl. She gets her fighting skills from her swords, her witt and smarts from her brain, and her feelings from her inner heart. She makes enemies, of course: power hungry, large, powerful men. And yet she still handles her situations brilliantly and with caution, careful not to leave anything behind.

I love, love, love the writing. It's almost like I'm reading poetry, not prose. It's very lyrical and with just the right amount of similes and metaphors and other nonsense.

And because I'm tired, I'm ending this here. But this book is badass. (And plus, who wouldn't want a Chinese-looking cover on their bookshelves?)