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A Temptation of Angels - Michelle Zink Oh, A Temptation of Angels. What to say? What to do? How, oh how do I convey my feelings to you?

We started off on a great foot. A house burning, your MC hiding in a wall while fire and smoke raged around you. And then, oh snap, Helen you lost your parents. And then you found out that you were a Keeper—someone picked to be an “angel” from the Dictata, the good guys. And then you also found out that one of the three remaining Keepers in the world—which is Helen, Griffin, and some other guy whose name I cannot remember so let’s just call him Daniel—has the key that holds to the past, present, and the future.

See, here’s where I’m kind of confused on my logic. Why would the Dictata decide to pick someone before they were ever born to hold the key? And “You were deemed worthy enough” is just not cutting it for me. Everyone, and I mean everyone is tempted by the premise of holding the power in the palm of your hand; and even in the right hands that power can turn evil. So while the Dictata holds this Key to the Future, it’s still kind of unnerving. And everything about it—controlling time—is kind of iffy. Granted that Helen didn’t really access anything but still. Even going by the smidgedest could jeopardize something, right? So something even as harmless as changing the date of Helen’s birth could even make sure that the Dictata doesn’t give Helen the key. <-- An example. <br/>
Are you following? Because I’m confused, A Temptation of Angels.

Helen is … Oh, Helen. [enter dramatic sigh here] I don’t what to say about her. But here’s something that could give you a picture: When I imagined her (and the book is narrated in her pov, so you understand), with all her actions and dialog and all, she sounded like, at most, thirteen, fourteen years old to me. Yeah. She did not sound like a sixteen-year-old. She threw unnecessary tantrums. She followed the brothers like a little child (Griffin and Daniel.) She stood up for the stupidest reasons (okay, so I have no context evidence for this, but when you read the book, I guarantee you’ll be thinking this.)

She’s just … BLARGH. The similarities between her and children are just so striking. I struggled to think of her as an adult in the whole book. Even with her romance with Griffin, I actually imagined all characters as little kids. For manga/comic lovers, I imagined them as old as the characters in Gakuen Alice.


Yeah. That’s the impression I got from the writing style. Like eight-year-olds kissing. Blargh. (I haven’t read Gakuen Alice, but you know … They look like eight-year-olds to me.)

Let’s see. Griffin was a cuteso. I mean, nice and charming—what more could a girl ask for? The romance was way too fast, though. There was at one point where Griffin was like, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Helen.”


Did I mention they’ve only known each other for, at most, a month? Again, BLARGH. One month is not enough to decide that you love someone enough for a life commitment. But hey, it’s a YA fantasy novel so I have no say, huh?


Conclusion: Not much action, but a lot of mystery and suspense (high points for that.) Kind of predictable. Enjoyable. Not enough to recommend, but if you’re new to YA paranormal fantasy, this is your book. Daniel's and Anna's romance was much more interesting than the MC's.