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Destined - Aprilynne Pike This review contains spoilers from the previous three books. Read at your own discretion.

I honestly enjoyed this series really much. The heroine was, at times, very, very annoying and a pull-along, but she makes up for that, I think. Pike based her fey off of the seasons, and that is an idea I have never heard of. So originality made me give this series a chance. And I'm glad I did.

This final conclusion to the Wings series is stunning. It surpasses all the other books by ten-fold; it is that good. The ending was fantastic, so was the romance and all the action created in this novel.

This book picks up right where it left off in Illusions; where they capture the Winter faerie Yuki. Let me start off by telling you this -- twenty pages into the book and the action already starts. Like, real action. Action that hasn't really present itself in the other books. Starting from page 35 and all the way until 300-something it is PURE. ACTION.


It has fights, suspense, hopelessness, drama, and all other things. And while the I do have a few (a couple) issues about the love triangle, I will voice them later in this review.

Let me start talking about the main aspect of this book.

I started out with this series in 2009, back when the first book, Wings was released and I absolutely adored it. The climax was great and so was the tantalizing romance aspect of this series that was so hard to just ignore (not that I wanted to!)

When Klea is discovered as the bad guy, it honestly wasn't such a big deal. It was kinda predictable, maybe because Pike did a lot of foreshadowing in Illusions or it was just predictable. But when she was discovered as Callista I was like ... "Ooooh .... shit. This is bad." Haha!
Anyway, the book is ACTION-PACKED. Even more so than Divergent for those of you who've read it, but that's probably because this book is only 307 pages.

Okay, now the love triangle.

The first two books of this series focused more on Laurel's and David's relationship than hers and Tamani's. Now, starting from Illusions, the whole romantic conflict changes as she dumps David and is officially "open" to Tamani's liberties and David's.
So Illusions had the turning point. It focused more on Tamani/Laurel, and even in Destined it does. (Don't jump ahead and think she ends up with him because I'm not telling you!)

In the last book, David was completely moping and depressed when Laurel broke up with him. In Destined, he gets his act together and tries to focus on the task in hand rather than Laurel and their circumstances together. This is one thing I admired about David -- his courage and stamina; his love for Laurel and her homeland. It's definitely admirable because he's just human, and though I'm Team Tamani, I can't help but love David also.
Here's my issue: When she ended up with Guy -- let's just him that -- I found that it was definitely ... sloppy. It wasn't great and dramatic like it usually is, but really just ... calm and slow. I can't explain it; I felt as if they were always like this, that admitting their feelings wouldn't change anything, even now that they were back together again (and "again" can apply to both~) and it was REAL TRUE LOVE. Nonetheless, not everybody got a happy ending. D:

P.S. Did I mention Shar dies too? I CRIED SO BAD. MY CHEST ACHED, LIKE BOOKS SAY IT DOES. btw, my chest ached for that-guy-that-didn't-end-up-with-Laurel, too.

While Laurel cannot just choose both guys (WHY!?!), she does end up picking one. And while I am on both teams, I was equally happy and depressed for the other guy, too. But who Laurel chose was not only accurate, in the sense of where her life was going, but also logical and a good choice.
So the other guy has to move on. Live his life without her, like he always used to do. And it's really really really sad, because he ends up saying that he wants to forget her, and takes a memory potion to exclude all the painful memories. DDD: In the letter in which Guy Not Getting Laurel writes, it's definitely painful but right, I guess. It makes sense. But still, it's really sad because he won't remember Laurel anymore. :(

Destined is, hands-down, the best book out of this series. It's not a happy one, it's more bittersweet and kind of tragic. I loved spending time with these characters! And while the book is amazing, it's also sad that it's the last book. Thank you for such a wonderful read these years, Mrs. Pike!

Adios, Laurel and Tamani and David and Chelsea. You guys were awesome!