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Crewel - Gennifer Albin 3 stars. Um, let's see — there's not much to say about Crewel sadly. With all these raving reviews coming in, it's pretty much a given that I had high hopes for this — weaving time and matter? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Sounds epic.

Except ... well, the book is kind of half-assed.

I'm not saying the writing was bad. Or necessarily the plot. They were normal. And the whole idea behind this — this weaving time stuff on a loom (though quite a bit confusing) was actually pretty badass.

But there were lots of things that didn't appeal to me.

The protagonist. The time sequence. The love interest.

Were they to be expected? Sure. I mean, with all the dystopian hype in 2012, you were bound to read a number of books that were pretty stupid and, like I said, half-assed.


Adelice — love her name, don't care for her. Pretty lame, like a dystopian Mary Sue or something.

Josten — tortured, blue-eyed, servant. Not the most hunkiest, but not the worst YA love protagonist I've ever met.

Erik — Ummm .....


I enjoyed it. I liked it. Nothing at all different from lots of dystopias out there, but sure. I guess you could say it was worth my time but I can definitely live without it.