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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand 4.5 stars. When I picked up Hallowed, I was pretty damn excited. I love Cynthia Hand's writing, the way I can connect with Clara's mind, her snarkiness, that cynicalness. And Clara is just so — real. I like her. I like her a lot.

So you thought everything was over in Unearthly? Guess again.

The Gist

Clara's having visions. Of a cemetery. Of a funeral. Of black clothes. Of sorrow. When Christian comes and takes Clara's hand, she's certain that the death is Tucker's — and so she tries everything within her power to restrain him from death.

Except the death might not be his.

My reaction when we find out who's going to die:


I was pretty freaked out, my friends. So, totally, heartbreakingly freaked out.

Chocolate and Ponies

What I think I really, really like about this series is the connection Clara has with her family — particularly her mother. Their relationship is inseparable, the kind that lasts after death. There are tons of hot YA series out there (Divergent, Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, etc.) and yet none of them have the connection with their parents that Clara does with her mother.

And I really liked that. I loved that.

It's different, it's realistic. It's amazing.

The Death of a Bird

When that person actually died I was like this:



I was a bottle of emotion. I think, deep down, I didn't really expect it to happen. I think my thoughts kept swirling around like They are a main character, Hand can't kill them off, she can't and I didn't really expect it — at all. I thought we'd be hit with some miracle.

But no.

We are not.

They die.

So be prepared.

I wasn't.

And I actually really did shed some womanly tears. Lame and cheesy and corny, I know, but Cynthia Hand managed to capture the emotion in death scenes and the pain and the loss and the loneliness and hit me right in my heart.

Tar Winged Angel

So, I wasn't really surprised when that person betrayed them. Not really, since they were acting really weird since the end of Unearthly. I figured it was a matter of time before they fessed up, and I was kind of ripping my hair out to see what the hell the problem was.


Tucker or Christian? Christian or Tucker?

Friends, I know lots of people were pretty much torn over either Christian or Tucker in this book. I wasn't. I'm still not. I'm still, most definitely Tucker.


Team Tucker, ftw. 8D

Yes, I really like Christian. He's sweet, caring, awesome — though I still think there's a large part of him that's after Clara because of their purpose. And, anyway, Cynthia Hand won me over too much in book one with Tucker. Like I said in my review, I don't think anyone would've beat Tucker.

The Last Few Pages

Beautiful. Oh my dear God, the tears were waterworking again. Clara seeing that person? Running in Heaven?