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The Dark Unwinding - Sharon Cameron 4.5 stars. While The Dark Unwinding has a pretty steampunky cover, settled into the Victoriest of all Victorian England - the countryside - with teeming little clockwork insect and weird, creepy horror houses, I was not expecting much from The Dark Unwinding.

Not at all.

So I was pleasantly surprised.

For me, this book was hard to put down. Thumbing through the pages one by one with a pretty brattish turned awesome heroine and finally, finally a romance in which no one proclaims their love in the first book. (Well, technicalities ...)

Lane Morbeau = fangirlfangirlfangirl

Ben Alridge = canipunchthatsuckerinhisstupidpettyfacedieyouhobo

So, yes, if you wanted to talk about the mini things I didn't like about this book, it was probably none. It lacked the five star appeal; while it was splendidly awesome and gorgeous and amazing, it wasn't 'DUDEIAMDYINGWHATHASTHISBOOKDONETOME' great. But it was great. Amazing. Fantastic. Terrific.

And yes, Katherine Tulman was an absolutely annoying brat in the first eighth of the book, and I couldn't believe how selfish she was ... Which was until she turned amazing, of course. So never mind about that.

Davy = sob

Hmm, what else to say? As usual, there were a few scenes where I doubted the credibility of the era, but hey, this was taking place in Stanwyne Keep, so my mouth has stayed shut. No problem.

And by the way, Uncle Tully is love. You are going to adore this man.