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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker Pro: I'm enjoying the New Adult genre so much, guys. I loved this book.

Pre: This sounds kraazai good.

(You know it's good when it starts with a k. And ends with -ai.)

It's funny, because when you look at it, all NA books are literally the same. Messed up heroine, but sexy as hell, enter sexy-as-hell guy, they make out, you overcome your trials and tribulations.

And yes, Ten Tiny Breaths was the same.

And yet I don't get annoyed.

Mostly, I'm flabbergasted.

How can so many authors pull off a story that's pretty much the same, with the same, twisty, broken characters and yet still capture my interest? How is that possible?

But anyway, Ten Tiny Breaths was so sweet, though the only thing I'm iffy about was the fact of who Trent really was.

All in all, a fantastic read.