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Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare It was okay.

You see, at a point, I understand what makes Romeo and Juliet so fantabulous. Certainly not the attention it's been garnering, and what with all the fxcking death in this play, but this was a story of two teenagers who fell in love with each other's faces rather than each other. Their emotions were controlled by the will to stand by each other as it pertained to their beauty, rather than their inner beauty. (Corny, I know.) That said, it took three days for Juliet and Romeo to "fall in love," which in turn caused Mercutio, Paris, Tybalt, and God knows who else's death.

Basically, all of this was in vain. And because this is what Shakespeare wants you to realize: two teenagers that fell in love in the course of three days for each other's beauty and died for nothing.