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The Tailor (The Grisha, #1.5) - Leigh Bardugo 4 stars.

I hate Leigh Bardugo.

I hate you.

It is so easy to hate black (as in, the context of black-and-white characters; monochrome, I mean) characters. And so easy to love white ones. But then you throw in shades of grey, a tint of black, a hint of white, and voila - you've got yourself Genya.

After reading Shadow & Bone, Genya was easy to hate. And then I read Siege & Storm and Genya is such a complex character.

And I hate Leigh Bardugo for it.

I hate her for making me feel this compassion for her characters. I hate the fact that I am empathetic and sympathetic. I hate it, because it hurts my heart.

I also saw a new side to the Darkling, a compassionate, albeit manipulative side. And knowing the bond Genya has with the Darkling and the fact of what he does to her at the end of Siege & Storm? F*cking heartbreaking.