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White Cat - Holly Black 3 stars.

Well, it was okay. Nothing too amazing.

I actually picked up this book in hopes that I would finally read one of Holly Black's books--I mean, admit it, her name is kind of catchy and it's the type of name that you'd love to see on your bookshelf--but after skimming Black's Tithe a couple of years ago, I didn't really have high expectations for this one in the first place.


And it seems I was right. Kind of.

I actually don't really remember most of it--which sucks, because I already have Red Glove in my possession (they're small books, I'll just read the whole series in hopes that it'll get better). The whole conning business in Cassel's world is confusing and a long process, it seems. I won't go into details because I'm obviously confused about it--I don't get any of the process at all--so you can just glance at other reviews and hope that they'll explain it better.

Most of the characters annoyed me in Cassel's story. Cassel himself was just kind of like a push-over, and especially his childhood best friend that, to me it seemed, liked to take advantage of him.

I felt like stabbing Cassel's whole family, honestly.

And since I can't remember much of anything else, this concludes this horribly amazing review.