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Fallen - Lauren Kate I remember picking this book up from Walmart from, like, last year and reading through the first, say, 80-something pages. (Note that I stay a long time at Walmart with my mother for grocery shopping, so usually I just go in the book section and read and my sister and mother shop.)

I read the pages, thought it was a bit interesting enough, and decided that I should buy it and read it at home.

Okay. So.

I know that this is from like, months ago, (I got it when it was first published, I think) but I still remember ranting to my friend about it everyday that I read it. After every rant, she told me to just drop it, but at that time I had been dropping a lot of books, and I didn't feel like dropping it for the sake of my reputation. (Not that I had one.)

OMG I HATED IT. Such slowwww developments! I read it till the last page, and then I remember actually taking a sigh of relief when I closed the back cover. I was saved from this torture.

And now I know: Not all good covers mean that the story is good, too.