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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver 4.5 stars. In lots of ways, I suppose, this book was a disappointment. Here you have Samantha Kingston, all-popular, loved, and has an amazing boyfriend. A beautiful life.

Except she dies.

But has the chance to redo her last day seven times.

The only reason I picked up this book was Lauren Oliver. Not going to lie. I love her writing style. And that doesn't change. But she's definitely improved from this to Pandemonium, like her characterization. I hated Samantha Kingston for nearly 3/4 of the book. No lie. I couldn't stand her. She was everything I hated in a girl: selfish, conceited, out of control, etc.

Except as time wore on, I got used to her - and I admit, fall in love with her.

I think it's amazing this challenge that Oliver took up - to write a book from a girl whose spoiled and perfect. In a way, because she's never struggled she doesn't know her "rights" and "wrongs." But she finds out in the end.

And I guess it was the ending that really punched me right in the heart for me. A three star book for most of it, and the last fourth four stars, and then when we got that ending - BAM! I had sneaking suspicions, but didn't expect that. Because I thought Lauren Oliver followed YA rules. Which she doesn't. Which is awesome.

Be prepared. If you hated the book, stick with it. It gets better (This is Lauren Oliver, after all.) And - just - that ending! Be prepared.

This book does not end happy. But I loved it.