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Dragonfly - Julia Golding This was a story about how two royals were forced into marriage by allying their countries -- the Blue Crescent Islands and the country of Gerfal. That being said, the people of Gerfal find the women of the Islands preposterous and are completely believed to be practicing witchcraft. So what do you expect when a young prince surrounded by all these rumors finds out that he is betrothed to the Witch?

He tries to force off the alliance.

Being who they were, I was actually pretty surprised (and a little disappointed) when they both wanted to call off the alliance when both of their nations were in danger of being corrupted by Fergox Spearthrower, the enemy. Because of this, I found their situations incredible, and that all that upbringing and education was put to waste. I mean, they couldn't have gone through each other's flaws and imperfections for their people? In marriage, don't you become used to your partner's angers and irritating demeanor?

After they got kidnapped, I felt as if the situation after this was a little more credible. The romance, however, was a bit tacky; definitely not smooth and clear. Princess Taoshira strung Nerul (another character) along, but when he got his messages across, she immediately shut him off and treated him rudely. Which, I suppose, I understand if the girl isn't accustomed to the way of the Easterners.
Prince Ramil shows jealousy, and I can see how his feelings for his betrothed sprout, but Tashi ... definitely not. It's almost as if she doesn't show any emotion at all for Ramil. Towards the end, I can see the "friendly" emotions swirling inside of her for Ramil, but definitely not any romantic ones.