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Ashes, Ashes - Jo Treggiari I have been warned about this book many times—that it wasn’t what you would expect it to be, that though the synopsis is well worded, it the story doesn’t hold well up to its promise. I, of course, am a very curious fellow, and ignored all the warnings around me—I’m often hated by my mother for that—and decided to read this scumbag of a book. But it’s not that scumbagged—otherwise why would I give it a 2.5 as a rating, eh?

First of all, let us discuss our byuuutiful protagonist …. Lucy! (I’m being sarcastic.)


Yes, yes. She’s nothing. I didn’t like her. I don’t like her. Here are a few reasons why:

- She’s wimpy and not really that strong—when the camp is overrun by Sweepers, she hides in the shadows and watches them take her comrades away. Not really loyal, I see.
- I don’t like how she acts towards Henry, who may or may not have a crush on her. There are some noticeable details, such as he’s blinded by her wide smile and his voice gets serious when talking about Aidan—whom she likes, apparently—and his expression is unreadable. However, when he decides to hang around her, providing her company and making her laugh while Aidan and her got in a fight, all she can think is: Oh no. Yeah, that’s not really nice to a person who’s trying to impress you.
- There was an instance in where she was captured for her blood by a Dr. Lessing because he blood may hold the key to a vaccine for the plague. The plague that took your whole family and life away. If that isn’t something worth sacrificing for—even if the probability of returning the world to its clean-ish state once again, I don’t know what the hell is. She’s whining because “You were going to drain my blood until I was a corpse!” (That’s not the exact phrasing she used, but I don’t have my book with me.) Though I must admit that Dr. Lessing came about it the wrong way, it was just way too stupid for Lucy not to take the opportunity to supply her blood to save the world. I had enough about her by this time.
- Overall, I just don’t like Lucy. She’s way too overreacting. I don’t know what Aidan sees in her—I don’t see what anyone sees in her.

Like I said, I mostly felt like doing this most of the time to her:


Most of my problems were with the protagonist, but the rest was that I didn’t find anything was developed enough. Okay, sure—the world is nearing its end, and tsunamis and sunny skies are the result of some kind of weather phenomenon. I got that. It’s just—nothing seemed real. Camping in the middle of nowhere without any kind of problems, such as encountering people? The little village in Hell’s Gate where the Sweepers keep taking their people and they still sit there, waiting for an attack? Are you kidding me? Evacuate! Go somewhere else, where they can’t target you! But nooo, we have to wait for “the others and let them voice their opinions” even though more than half the group favors.

Also, there was a quote somewhere that said that one person survives in one million. (I decided I was going to math this out, and since it’s summer my brain is kinda foggy so I may mess up somewhere.) Let’s round and suppose that the world population today is close to seven billion. How many millions are in seven billion? Since I’m living in America, in here there are one thousand millions in a billion. If we have seven, that means seven thousand.

There are seven thousand people remaining in the freaking world.

How is it probable then, that you may find a whole village in the middle of Hell’s Gate? How does that makes sense when there are 6,999 people in the world other than Lucy? Someone please explain this to me if it makes sense to you.

Anyway, here’s what I liked about Ashes, Ashes—I liked Del. She grew so much more, and was so fierce. She protected what she believed in. She got sucked into a trap, but quickly backpedaled and regained her honor. She was humble (towards the end, when she left.) She was amazing. I love this chick.

So basically, that’s what I liked this book. And I liked Sammy. So, uh, yeah.

And because I’ve tortured granted you with reading this torturous gratuitous review—see what I did there?—I’ll also give you something to look at while you’re bored. Make sure to give thanks to Tenzin for entertaining you. 8D

Gotta love Meelo. <3</s>
btw, Meelo looks like this: image

Final rating: 2.5