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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare So, I know I'm a bit late to read this ... But I suppose it was okay.

And I must add, I was a bit a lot disappointed when I found out she was continuing the series after City of Glass. The ending to CoG was spectacularly amazing, and when she ended up continuing it ... Well, let's just say that the series went from a 5-star favorite to a three star. :/ The first three books are def. in my faves, but this one seems to be like a bridge to build to the fifth book, which I hope will live up to its expectations like the other other books have. I still can't help the nagging of how disappointed I am. :/

Anyway, the romance between Clary and Jace definitely bloomed much more than what was in the other books, but half of the book was peppy and then it turned dark and sinister. The thing is, the romance they have in this book is kinda weird -- I'm so used to the "forbidden, taboo" romance they had for nearly the whole series, and while it's nice to know that they're together, I feel like the characters don't have that depth that Clare gave them anymore. I loved the relationship between Clary/Jace/Simon and how it improved and kept improving up until the third book, but now ... ehh. Plus, the book was shorter, not like 500+ pages like the rest, and when I looked at that, somehow I just thought, "Oh, no, this isn't going to be good..." I think it really was a bridge-builder (because CoLS has 500+ pages; yes I judge on pages, haha) and thus it earns a lower score from me. I always disliked bridge-builders; they're almost like a filler sequel -- really not needed, but there to stretch out the story.

One thing I did like was how Clare focused on Simon; throughout the whole series, I always thought Simon never had much of the spotlight; he was always the back-up character when a Jace/Clary scene never worked out well. There is definitely much more Simon in this, and new characters are introduced. ( bleh. :/)

The writing is flawless as always. I love Clare's writing style; one of the best I've ever encountered.


Dead characters should stay dead.