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Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep 4.5 stars. WHAT! I never expected to enjoy Touch of Frost so much; at best, it'd be like the Hex Hall series. At worst, the House of Night series. But its reviews weren't so bad, so I decided to give it a try.

And was BLOWN. AWAY.

Gwen Frost was badass. Not only did she threaten to curse Logan Quinn's dick into a blackened stick (basically), she didn't swoon at first sight and was afraid of him--totally understandable when the Spartan has a reputation of killing anyone with anything with remarkable speed and agility.

So, yeah. Understandable.

I can't forget that part. I'm sorry, but I can't.

My only problems with Gwen's character was of the following:

1) Very nosy. And with an ability like hers, it doesn't make it justifiable, just ... increases this curiosity inside her to know everybody's secrets. Which kind of got of my nerves, but oh well.
2) Logan, ultimately, comes to her rescue at the end.

Now, she could've pulled a Rose Hathaway move on me: blind rage, just hacked away and improvised. But okay. I guess I'll take Logan, especially since you're uncoordinated and haven't learned a thing in Mythos Academy the two months you've been here.

Ultimately, those were the things that really kind of unnerved me about this book, hence the .5 star knockoff. But if I had to order boarding school books in order, it'd be: Vampire Academy --> Hex Hall --> Mythos Academy. (So, if it's in the top three, that's a pretty good spot.)