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Incarnate - Jodi Meadows 3 stars - liked it. Well, let's see: I wasn't expecting much in the first place, despite its gorgeous cover, and in conclusion, I didn't get much.

This story revolved on the following elements: music, Ana, and Sam.

Yup, there you go, folks. Nothing much.

But here's the tricky part: I liked it.

I liked it. Like, like-like.

Like, like-like-like-like.

Sure, Incarnate revolved around Ana's ability to play the piano, Sam and his confound honesty and kindness, and adjusting to the city of Heart. (Weird name for a city, but okay?)

In other words: fluff.

The story had little or none baseline, and the plot didn't present itself until the very end ... Which bothers me a lot in most cases, but I find I didn't mind. (INCARNATE, YOU ARE AN EXCEPTION, DON'T SPOIL IT!) In a supernatural, paranormal-fantasy way, this reminded me lots of elements of a contemporary novel.

Except, you know, with sylphs.

And dragons.

And immortal incarnates.

Moving on. The characters.

Anna. Um, well, Anna. -scratches thy head- How should I describe Anna? I didn't really like her. She was nice enough, I suppose, but had that stereotypical backbone that authors just make up on a whim as if she's really strong. (For example, Divergent's Tris has some real kickassery in her blood.) With Anna, everything just felt forced. She cried a lot ... And whined. Which was really annoying, but maybe I'm used to it so I ended up not minding much.

(Another point: She's red-haired. And short. -___-)

And Sam. I really liked him! He was really friendly and cute and just ... yum! I've seen such an overload of hot, sexy, beautiful guys, but when I imagine Sam, I imagine: dimples, white teeth, cuteness. Which I think is refreshing. (Though, problem: He's supposedly lived for three thousand years, but he acts just like a teenager except with his comprehensive study of musical instruments. Just saying.)

A kind of fluffy novel, but it was interesting enough. Recommended.