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Asunder - Jodi Meadows
4 stars. If I am being truthfully, shamelessly, honest here, Incarnate captured my heart, despite the fact that I've given it a three star rating. It lacked a point, sure, through most of the book, but what was really compelling about the novel was Jodi Meadows's writing, characters, and her world. Ana was your typical heroine—short, red-headed, temperamental, practically like a newborn child.

And at the end of Incarnate, she discovers the truth about the Temple, Janan, and herself.

And in Asunder, she broaches these truths, questions them, and finds out more shocking revelations.

But here were the two problems I had with this book:

Ana and Sam's constant squabbling. Constantly. There were lots of unease, angst, and other teenage-relationship-shenanigans—and this was understandable, given how Incarnate ended after that battle, with nearly a hundred souls gone forever, and people pressuring Sam to pick a side. Which side—newborns or his thousand-year-old friends? So there was constant heated tension, fights, and bickering, but there was only so much I could take.

Ana acted so much more babyish in this. Her character was fine enough in Incarnate, and she really got macho towards the end, but in Asunder? Constantly whining, petulant, and sometimes even overbearing. Again, I understand, BUT THERE WAS ONLY SO MUCH I COULD TAKE, Y'KNOW?

I feel like I've given so many negative points, I may as well give the positive ones as well:

The progress of the plot. This book wasn't a filler, or a dead-end. Rather, the events in this sequel made great progress in terms of the storyline.

Meadows's writing. Just—love it. Really pretty, really easy, really interesting.

The enemies! The villains! So many for poor, poor Ana. But I really liked it.

Anyway, as a sequel to Incarnate, Asunder was beautiful and successful, all things considering, and managed to keep me interested in the story. Just be patient and prepared to handle a bit of romantic angst.