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Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly
4.5 stars. I think Angel Burn is based solely on preference. Do you enjoy modern intakes of angels and demons? Are you more engaged in the story, or the romance? How well do you like your characters developed? These are all great questions to ask yourself before you read this book, especially questions two and three because yes: You will probably not like this book since it focuses much on the romantic, developing-character-relationships aspect as opposed to its story and background.

That being said, proceed with caution when you read this book and release all your troubles!

Just kidding.

Anyway, I will not summarize this for you in a short, concise paragraph since that is what is expected after things like this. Instead, I will do the do's/don't likes of this book.

Let's start with don'ts!

Lots of cheese. So much cheese in the romance that even I cringe, and I love cheesy, corny, sappy love lines!

Storyline development is crap. The truth. It isn't horrible, but it keeps bugging you at times, and the whole angel-worship concept thing is pretty easy to understand. Too easy.


◦ Actually, branching on that, why Willow first person and Alex third? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS LOGIC.

Onto the do's!

Fast-paced. Always on the run, always in the corner, always suspicious and paranoid. Always, somehow, battling bright-ass, life-size angels.

Great character development. Yup, a lot of this book focused on character relationship rather than developing its story, or even plot. But with great, strong characters, you can expect that to distract you. Plus, you get the characters out of the way, broach on the world next, right?

Nice climax. 'Nuff said.

All in all, I think Angel Burn is based entirely on preference and which part of your story you want the strongest. Most books come with the story, some with the characters, and—rarely—both. But for me, I think the characterization was enough for me to enjoy Angel Burn.