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Burning Blue - Paul Griffin An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher.

4.5 stars — between it was really good, and amazing. The book starts out with the school's most beautiful and popular girl, Nicole Castro, splashed with acid.

I don't know about you, but this certainly catches my attention.

Most beautiful, most popular, most rich Nice Castro? Splashed with acid? Ruining half of her face?

While the rest of the world mourns the loss of her beauty, Jay, determined, tries to find out who did it.

Which he does.

Which just about shocks me out of my socks.

And then shocks me again.


And then, when I just close the book for a moment, just for a moment, I think back to all the signs I was oblivious to, and I'm just like ...


Little things, things I've never noticed, and somehow they meant so much now. Me, Hermione Granger Afza, didn't find out the mystery in this mystery. And I find that I'm pretty good at guessing the culprit — because, I mean, not to sound rude, but this is young adult. You don't exactly expect the most complicated of complicated reasons for who the culprit is.

But with this? I didn't even guess. I didn't even think. I put that person to the absolute back of my mind during the whole book.

Which is why I say, kudos Mr. Griffin. Kudos to you.

You have clearly blown. My. Mind. Even though your book was kind of on the slow side, with not much developments in the romance, with slow pacing, that ending practically shot my socks off my feet.

(I feel like I'm exaggerating. But I seriously felt like a kid screaming around the house because ... well, I didn't guess it.)

Here's another thing that let me boost the rating: I liked that just because Nicole's face was "ruined," Griffin talked about the different aspects of beauty, of how most of the world was oblivious to it because everyone was so caught up with the "outside, model-thin" beauty. I really liked how it was reflected in his writing.