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Oreimo, Vol. 1 - Tsukasa Fushimi An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley.

I'm not sure how to rate Oreimo, or if to do it at all. Usually I'm a fan of all manga, except I try to keep my ecchi/josei categories to a minimum (nobody wants their mind polluted at an early age, right?). And while Oreimo doesn't necessarily follow into either categories, I found myself not wanting to read it most of the time.

The reason I requested it on Netgalley was because it was manga and volume 1 of it, so me being the stupid nerd otaku I am, jumped at the chance to request a manga.

Dialog seemed all right, except that maybe there were a little too much; but overall, the idea didn't appeal to me. As in, the art was good, the dialog was good, and so was the idea, but I ended up skipping through most of the parts.

I guess this type of genre isn't for me, so no rating from me, seeing how other people enjoyed it.