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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin 5 stars. So I don't know if you've noticed, but so far, the books I've been reading have consisted of mysteries - murder, or just plain-out mysteries. For me, I had a friend who recommended it to me. For a while, I was just like eh, you know? The cover was gorgeous and haunting and beautiful, so that had certainly caught my attention, but the summary? Not really. It was definitely on my to-read list, but not that high that I was .. well, dying for it.

That has completely changed.

After reading stupid mystery after stupid mystery, I've been pretty tired of the crapload of mysteries that have been coming my way. So I wasn't particularly excited to read this.


Someone failed to mention that our protagonist was psycho.


Like, illusive dreams, crazy hallucinations, bloody hell psycho.


EXACTLY. Once I found that out, I practically tore through the book. We find out that after a tragic accident that involved the death of Mara's best friend Rachel, her boyfriend Jude, and her boyfriend's sister Claire, she's the only who's survived - but with the cost of losing her memories of that night, and illusive, creepy hallucinations. Except as time passes, they don't seem to be getting better, but worse.

And yeah, that's the basic summary. Truth be told, nearly the whole book is just Mara dealing with her feelings for the sexy, enigmatic Noah - not that I'm complaining - and her illusions popping out of no where. Near the end we get that's there's probably someone after them; they don't know who, except that he has a Rolex watch on his wrist.

But yeah. Reading a book from a psycho's perspective? You've won me over, babe.

And now I'm moving on to more juicer, delicious subjects such as ... NOAH SHAW.

image image
image image

(Right, so I took it from Tumblr, but can you blame me? THESE GIFS DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS ACCURATELY.)

Okay, so yeah, he's fairly on the cliche side of things: English accent, tousled bed hair, piercing blue eyes, jackass, playboy ... But he gets better. I promise. (Okay, I wasn't complaining in the first place because that boy has a wicked sense of humor.) I love how he turns from a jackass-playboy into this caring, unselflessish (whaa?) guy. Especially for Mara, you see. Which is so romantic. You've won me over, babe.

Everything about this book was practically perfect. The writing, the pacing, the sense of humor, the chilling illusions, the romance, even the damn cliffhanger. Which I hate so much. And I'm just dying dying dying for the second book.

Trouble. (trouble, trouble, trouble.)

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

Now go pick up this amazing book. GO. NOW.