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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead 5 stars. So here's my reaction when I close that smexy, blue, indigo back cover:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was dying. Of fangirlnism.

The Basic Ordeal

So here's the thing. I have a theory. I think I know why I didn't much like The Golden Lily or Bloodlines. (Because really. The Indigo Spell rocked my socks off.) Yes, Sydney was part of it. A huge part of it. And I think I didn't like the whole ... normalcy of the whole book. The part where it's all "boarding school" for 3/4 of the book with the occasional vampire vocabulary, and then BAM! — Strigoi attack or witch attack or paranormal attack.

The Indigo Spell was not like that.

Sydney is questioning her allegiance to the Alchemists. — Good, good. Awesome, even.

She's trying to find Marcus Finch. — Great.

She's opening herself up to Adrian. — Cue hyperventilating gif.

She's accepting her magical-ness and vampire power. — Finally!

I think what made me like this book was that we could see Sydney changing. She's much more relaxed around Moroi, doesn't fight her magic repulsion (even comes to like it), and definitely doesn't try to push away Adrian.

(Because they share some hot sexy scenes, my friends. Hot.)



Sydney — Whereas in the first two books she was getting on my nerves, I really like her here. I like this growth. I like how she's changing. The way she's questioning the authorities. And she's just plain-out not that annoying anymore.

Adrian — Keeps getting better and better. Such sweet moments with him, and definitely a lot more Sydrian. A lot more. If I recall, they kiss (steamily) three times.

Marcus — Not the second lover. Yet. Though I'm afraid he may turn out to be. And he's all right, I suppose. I haven't met him enough to judge.

Jill — I like her. She's not really that whiny as she was in the past two books which is a good thing!

Angeline — Pisses me off so much. I really, really don't like her. At all.


Expect tons of more Sydrian! Lots of more magic and rivalry and vampirism and awesomeness. Mead improved lots of things in this book, and it just keeps getting better.