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Stolen - Lucy Christopher 5 stars.

Stolen was a book I picked up purely because of the cover I'd seen everywhere. Okay, and yes, because of that silver medal prize.

And then when I read the back cover, I fell in love.


And then I finished the book, I wanted to cry.

Which I did. My last pages are tear-stained.

I am not going to lie to you: This book was beautiful. It is not your typical kidnapping, with a crazy, desperate captor who wants to inflict pain on the kidnapee.

No. No.

This is a story, in a format of a letter, in which Gemma goes back and recollects her memories from the moment she meets Ty, her kidnapper. It is a letter that might not reach him in the end, but the reasons of the letter, the story, her feelings, they all feel so real to me. I loved the way she slowly fell in love with Ty, and it wasn't a "Oh, this is a Stockholm disease, beware children" type of thing from the author. It was a "I'm falling in love, but I don't know it, and I know it's right, but it's wrong."

And this may seem stupid, but I loved Ty.

I understood where he was coming from — I completely understood him. Yes, watching a ten-year-old girl while you are eighteen is a very stalkerish thing to do. It makes it hard to love you. But when you find out his reasons, the way he was raised, the way he views the world through his eyes, it's hard to hate him. He may be crazy, but it wasn't the mental crazy, and it might not be crazy at all. At least not the crazy that we are so accustomed to seeing.

But that ending — it tore my heart. It proved Ty's love for Gemma — the familial kind, the romantic kind — and when I realized that, I thought Ty was amazing. To risk his life for Gemma was such a brave, courageous thing to do.

That being said, five stars. This book was brilliant.