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Defiance - C.J. Redwine 4 stars. Among all the stream of dystopic YA novels streaming in, this was certainly of the better ones. Was it very cliche and unoriginal? In some ways, yes. But was it also entertaining and a good experience? Absolutely!

So, yeah. Am I a little bit disappointed? Yeah. I mean, I guess I was expecting this book to be one of the BAM! type of books that you can't help but gush about all the time. But hey, it was still really good, but not really great. But I guess not all books can be really great like VA or all the other awesome shizz in the YA world, right?

That's why I shouldn't have expectations.

DEFIANCE - pretty accurate title - is about Rachel and Logan both defying the ruthless leader of Baalboden after Rachel's father, Jared, fails to come back from a mission from the Wasteland with a package.

Except now I'm becoming lazy and so I'll just tell you: The package is really important, the Commander now wants Rachel and her Protector (Logan) to go find it, & and bring it back to him. Because it's important.

So the plot is okay. I mean, nothing really different, but nothing so unoriginal either. Our heroine, though she has fighting skills, is really weak at heart - which, can I blame her with a dead father? - and needs her "Protector" to safe-guard her.

Right. But it was still enjoyable, albeit a bit boring. I liked it.