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The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead
3 stars.

Yup, lots of you might be looking at those horrid two little blank stars after the third one, thinking Why in the world did she rate The Golden Lily three stars?!? This is blasphemy! We must cut her throat!

Well, here's the part where I tell you this: It's not you. It's me.

I guess I was so excited for The Golden Lily that I kind of got out of control. Was it exciting? Yes, definitely, just like everyone of Mead's books are. Was there any character growth? Of course. Did the plot move forward? Yessssss. Are we introduced to new things/characters we hadn't known before? Yes!

So why didn't I like this?

One of these reasons was Sydney Sage herself. I found myself connecting with her better, despite the fact that she isn't Rose and I am like her in many, many ways. But maybe that was why? I don't want to read about a characters that's as boring and unrealistic as me. Sydney is definitely more kickass and smarter and all hot and stuff, but is she the best heroine ever? Nope. At least not in my book.

And yet, Richelle Mead has that way of hers that has me entranced in any one of her books, more matter what.

And TGL was no exception.

So, yes, if I really didn't know what I was reading and from the occasional VA world vocabulary, this book could very well be some sort of contemporary series. Just like Bloodlines, the book didn't deal with vampire business until near the end, which I had no problem with! We are getting inside Sydney's head and traveling with her as her loyalties start to shift and she becoming more and more comfortable with vampires, particularly the sexy and amazing Adrian Ivashkov.

And as for the romance, I'm very glad how different it is. VA = dhampir/dhampir; B = human/vampire. Much more forbidden, and going much more slow. This is very realistic, and I love it.

So all in all, I give The Golden Lily three stars.