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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Six billion stars. Have you ever read an amazing series? And that feeling you get, right after you finish it, that's in your chest? Like a big, deep, blackhole that's sucking out all of your happiness and the only way--the only way--you can ever heal it is if you find a series equally amazing.

Vampire Academy doesn't have a series equal to it as its worth. Just saying.

You're not eating, you're not ready to move on to its spin-off, or some other book. Hell, you don't even want to go to school. You keep thinking about those characters, those characters you were together with for so long--in my case, it was about a month--and you've been there for their journey, and now ... now they've gotten their happy ending, but you haven't. Because now, while they're with their happy "ending," you have your stupid depressed ending to get over.

This is me right now.

I don't even know what to say. I LOVED this book. I've never felt so strongly about a book like this before. I can't even tell you one bad thing about it--it's that good, that amazing. /sigh AND NOW IT'S OVER.

But Richelle Mead, whoever you are, you've made some amazing characters.

As usual, Rose's adventures continue daringly. I really can't say anything, seeing as this is the sixth book in the series and so it's going to have some spoilers, yes? So I won't even give a little synopsis (the book jacket summary pretty much covers it, actually.) I will, however, give you some of the things you can expect: kickasseryness (do you really have to question this?), some Alchemist/dhamphir business, betrayals, shocking twists and turns, and, as usual, some heart-stopping romance. But much more heart-stopping.

And as the last book in the series, you're probably going to want to cry when you close that back cover. God knows that I want to (though I haven't.) Mostly my chest has that stupid blackhole, and no matter what I keep feeding it, it's not working. Am I being too melodramatic here about the blackhole/never moving on thing?

Am I ready to go onto Bloodlines? No, probably not yet. Just let me wallow in my despair/pain/depression until I'm better. Because I'm not ready to let go of Rose and Dimitri and Lissa and Christian and Adrian yet. I'm not.

But as the finale in the series, this truly defines the word finale. This is what a finale sounds like. And Mead has done it with a flourish.

Conclusion: BEST. BOOK. EVER. I can find no faults. Six billions stars.