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Blood Promise - Richelle Mead 3.5 stars. Nothing really happened in this book. That's what my main problem was.

So, yeah. With nothing else to do but watch Rose succumb to her feelings of forever with Dimitri, I was pretty much bored and intrigued at the same time. You see, there's something about this series that's cliche but not cliche at the same time, you know? So I knew Rose wasn't really going to go Strigoi on me. But there was once where I was really doubting myself. And when she got close to it, I was practically like:


Yeah, I know. Awesome gif.

Anyway, so I was clawing my hair out, biting my already bitten fingernails and was just like OH MY BALLING the whole time. Sad life, isn't it.

Except I was waiting for a dhampir x Strigoi sex scene.

Imagine my disappointment.

(I'm too masochist for my own good.)

Well, there's always fanfiction~

Anyway, Rose was really ... weak. Which I think I'm getting the message from Mead -- Rose is only weak when she's around Dimitri? Which isn't exactly a good thing, though. But anyway, I'm glad she got her arse back up in the end.

And ... well. I think we all realized Rose didn't kill Dimitri. xD