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Insurgent - Veronica Roth 3.5 stars.
There may be spoilers from book one. Proceed with caution.

Oh, Insurgent.



Saying that Insurgent was a disappointment is an overstatement, and yet saying that I'm not satisfied is an understatement. I guess the main problem resided in Tris herself; which, I think, we all know, judging from numerous reviews, changes drastically. And definitely not in good ways. If I could put it in easy, uncomplicated terms, it'd probably be this: Whereas first she would've shot me down in a blink of an eye if I was her enemy, now she'd probably sob and break down in front me. And I'd end up shooting her in the head. I'm still surprised with all her reckless tactics she's done in this book that she hasn't managed to get shot dead yet. Of course she's the heroine so she wouldn't have anyway, but still.

Tris is in grief. After her parents' and Will's death, those are the things she's always been thinking about. I always thought that in the heat of the moment, in the adrenaline rush, in the don't-think-just-act stage those thoughts would be in the far back of your mind. I always thought that you would be thinking about your life and conserving it instead of remembering the sad moments in your life and regretting them.

I have no idea how many times Tris cried in this book. I lost count.

I understand that Tris is frozen with grief, but I always imagined her as the type of person who becomes a wall of granite when in hard times. A type of person that doesn't let anyone near her and tries to push those things in the back of her mind. So I guess I was a little surprised when I found her thinking, dreaming, crying, and God knows what else about her parents and Will.

Let's see, in her grief, Tris practically becomes suicidal. It isn't outright, and when she does risk her life she thinks she does it out of "righteousness" but she jumps at every opportunity it would take to "live up to the honorable death like of her parents'." Tobias ... isn't much a help either. Instead, he pushes Tris to her limit. Their relationship doesn't strengthen; it falters. But I just find myself not caring anymore.


Tris is suicidal. Tobias doesn't know how to give comfort. And they're in the breakout of an all-out war.

Things sound juuuuuuust peachy.

Well, I may need to go on a mini-rant here, so it'll be spoilerized. There was this one scene in the book where Tris sacrifices herself (still in her suicidal-mode) and after a few lab tests, she starts saying these things to Tobias: [tears] "I don't think ..." [sob] "I can't survive here for two more weeks." [tears cascade down cheeks] "I'll break!" [kissing]

No, dammit. THAT'S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR WHEN YOU SACRIFICED YOURSELF. Just ... BLARGH. I never thought Tris could get on my low bar, but she's pretty medium right now.

Despite Tris and Tobias and their awkward relationship, it wasn't as if I didn't enjoy this book. It was pretty good, all suicidal- and relationship-thoughts aside. Tris pretty much couldn't pick up a gun for nearly 15/16th of the book, so not much going on there. But there was a time where Tris finally came back and thought I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to honor what my parents died for. which, I thought, FINALLY.

Okay, so now I need a wrap-up: Still not much learned about anything outside of Chicago, but a little bit. Tris redeems herself wayyyyyy too late. Tobias just ... you disgust me. YOU CAN'T COMFORT A GIRL, BRO. "The Secret" really didn't seem so secret when it was revealed. But the ending, definitely, was pretty good; it made me craving for more and added that .5 end.

Conclusion: Enjoyable. Would recommend. Ending was great. Not as great as Divergent.

P.S.: I'm not sure how well people respond to grief, knowing that I haven't experienced much by it myself. But I've met people in grief, and while most of them do let it influence their actions, they always try to get over it; it's always a battle between grief and themselves. This is why I'm being so hard/annoyed at Tris-- because she let her grief control her decisions. She didn't fight it until much later. I guess Tobias is to blame for a few things too tho.